[reportlab-users] Re: Visual Editor

David Hughes dfh at forestfield.co.uk
Fri Nov 25 04:35:00 EST 2005

I have been following the threads on this subject, both here and in 
wxpython-users, with great interest because I am also looking into ways of 
improving the reporting flexibility of my own, commercial product, 
Dietplan6. It currently runs straight off a USB flash drive (or can be 
installed) and uses wxPython and Reportlab to produce PDF reports. At the 
moment users can only pick what tables and charts to include, together 
with some rudimentary selections of fonts, colours, margins etc. What I 
would like to see is the user able to specify the layout and content in 
much more detail and to be able to include their own narrative, either 
on-line or from pre-recorded templates.

A lot of what is being suggested is, perhaps, too powerful for what I 
require, but if the design aims include intuitive use by, not necessarily 
very computer literate, end-users, I would like to contribute what time 
and modest programming skills I have towards such a project.


David Hughes
Forestfield Software

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