[reportlab-users] Visual Editor.

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Thu Nov 24 15:51:44 EST 2005

> Does Reportlab have a Team to coordinate this project?

We have 5 technical staff total, to coordinate all our
customer projects, internal activities, and try to find
a little time for anything which moves the library forwards.
This is why I pushed to see if others can help.  But if
there's a realistic approach which could deliver "usefulness"
early on, it's great for us too, so we will find a way to
coordinate it.

I think we need to look for "good starting points" - code that
exists.  Ideally I would like a framework for a drawing tool
which lets people click and move objects, and edit their
attributes.  wxPython's OGL is very promising and we just had
another post on that; I'd prefer a Python GUI framework which
is not too tough to install.

Other ideas floated in the past are
- export something from Sketch
- export something from OpenOffice
- read Adobe Illustrator files

- Andy

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