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Thu Nov 24 09:56:05 EST 2005

  Hi all,
  I am a new user or RL. i made a script generating a document using platypus but i have trouble with bookmark.
  What i need is :
  In the sentence "The XXX module ...", i want to click on XXX en go at the XXX chapter of my document.
  Problem 1 :
  I can create destination bookmark using "canvas.bookmarkHorizontalAbsolute(key,Y)". I Create my bookmark in my afterFlowable function (i bookmark each Chapter). The question is, how can i have the Y coordinate of this flowable ?
  Problem 2 :
  For the link itself, i see i can use this syntax in my text : <setLink destination="start" color="magenta">This is the document start  (define document destination inside paragraph, color is optional)</setLink>
  When i use this, i have no result at all ! (i use acrobat reader 7.0)
  By the way, i dont understand why there is a para.py and a paragraph.py
  Other question :
  I use RL 1.20. I see somewhere that this version is from 2004. Will there be futur version of the library ?
  Thanx, in advance, for your answer

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