[reportlab-users] Graphical Editor for reportlab

John Pywtorak jpywtora at calpoly.edu
Wed Nov 16 14:32:36 EST 2005

Christian Klinger wrote:
> Hello Reportlab Users,
> is it possible to generate reportlab code with a Graphical Editor like 
> (Formular Designer from JasparReports or MSWord)
> thx christian

I suppose sure, but then I wonder why?  OpenOffice can do this already 
and you can drive it with python using PyOOo, or something close to 
that.  The only thing I suspect you might want is code that is generated 
and run anywhere python and reportlab are.  But, this can be hand 
written fairly easily and I am not sure the gain a Graphical Editor 
could provide is necessary.  You could utilize the html to reportlab 
route, or rml for the same thing.  Hope this helps.

Johnny P

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