[reportlab-users] a joke with RL, was Re: searching some fonts for use with ReportLab...

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Tue Nov 1 05:03:09 EST 2005

> And now you can play a bit with :
>         http://cgi.librelogiciel.com/cgi-bin/punishment
> You can download the source code from there as well. I think it could
> be used as an introduction to the ReportLab Toolkit : With it you 
> can        
> see how to use repetitive objects in an efficient manner,
> and play with fonts, images, and graphic primitives.
> Comments and improvements are very welcome.

This is brilliant!  I'd call it Demo of the Year.  My oldest
still uses pencil and I am dreading the arrival of ink 
next year...

Should we put in on reportlab.org to be kinder to your server?

Best regards,

Andy Robinson

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