[reportlab-users] multipage table

Timothy Smith timothy at open-networks.net
Mon May 23 05:00:42 EDT 2005

Robin Becker wrote:

> Timothy Smith wrote:
> ......
>> i'm sorry ignore previous - i'm using 1.19
>> i need to be able to generate a large table which spans 2 or more 
>> pages, currently reportlab errors when attempting this.
>> will i need to upgrade to achieve this?
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> is it impossible to upgrade? I haven't tried 1.19 for a while, but it 
> was out a long time and we didn't get a huge rsponse about errors.
> If you can't upgrade, try the test_platypus_tables.py script and see 
> if it gives you correctly split tables.

test_platypus_tables.pdf that it generates is only a single page.
it's not impossible to upgrade but i'd rather not rightnow if i can help 
it. i'd preffer to just get it working

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