[reportlab-users] multipage table

Timothy Smith timothy at open-networks.net
Mon May 16 20:56:11 EDT 2005

sorry if this is obvious and covered in the docs, but i get the 
following error when a table i make is larger then a single page

 raise ValueError, "%s must have at least a row and column" % 
self.identity()  File 
line 192, in identity
    cv = self._cellvalues
AttributeError: Table instance has no attribute '_cellvalues'

i make multipage pdf's in other parts of my app, so i'm a bit stumped as 
to why i'm getting this error, i just assumed reportlab would split over 
to a new page automaticly.

here is my code

doc = SimpleDocTemplate(PDFName)
    Data = PaperWorkSQL.MakeReport(UserName,PassWord, ForVenue, 
FromWeek, ToWeek, ReportType, Year)

    Report = []
    if ReportType == 'SecretShopper':
        Items = Data[0]
        Totals = Data[1]

        ReportStyle = TableStyle([('ALIGN',(0,0), (-1,-1), 'CENTRE'),
        # add headings
        #items table       
        ItemsTable = Table(Items, None, None)
        #totals table       
        TotalsTable = Table(Totals, None, None)

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