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Thomas Zehbe tz at ingenion.de
Thu May 12 10:40:02 EDT 2005

Hi Tushar,
you don´t disturb. You simply ask.
I don´t know what your docs look like but from your description you should 
perhaps look at the "Platypus Engine" of reportlab. Platypus deals with a 
document containing a list of Paragraphs, which have automatic wrapping build 
in. It´s not easy to learn but very powerfull.

Best Regards
Thomas Zehbe

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Am Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2005 15:49 schrieb tushar liladhar patil:
>                   sorry for again disturbing u all.
> I want to make pdf from xml file for that i m using reportlab I had written
> my own parser which will parse the xml and the text and images are
> collected in buffer. But my problem is that the buffer is in a continious
> stream like when a pdf is created the paragraph (say of 5 lines) in the xml
> file is shown like a single line means it is going out of the right side of
> pdf page and i cant change or format thro' xml file bec'z it will affect
> other application,
> can any one please help me ???
> please do the needful ...
> Thanking you,
> Tushar

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