[reportlab-users] PageTemplates or not?

Kumula Development Team info at kumula.org
Tue May 10 12:55:04 EDT 2005

Hi people,

currently I'm working on the themeable business letter generation for "Kumula Letters" (http://www.kumula.org). But there is still one problem to be fixed, though I know the toolkit dokumentation by heart already... ;-)

If I want to make a business letter template, I need on the first page a Frame for the address field, another Frame for the meta data (like current date, user's sign etc.) and of course the Frame for the main text. On later pages, I still need the main text and optional the meta data, but no address field anymore.

The problem is: If I make the Frames without PageTemplates, just on the canvas, the result is partly how it should be: separate areas for different contents. But this way I have no chance to use ReportLab's automatical wrapping functions, if the main text has to be spread over more pages.
If I use the whole Platypus functionality instead and place the frames on a PageTemplate, the text is wrapped through the different frames, but I don't want this for the address field and the meta data.

To cut a long story short: What is the best way to implement a business letter template? Do there exist any demos anywhere?

Maybe somebody can help me, that would be nice... :-)


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