[reportlab-users] How to pin a flowable/summary chunk at the bottom of a page?

Eric Hochmeister erichochmeister at gmail.com
Tue May 3 01:12:18 EDT 2005


I'm looking to generate a report such that a particular flowable will
always be pinned to the bottom of the last page.  The last page may be
the first page, or the third, fifth, etc.

The flowable which will be pinned to the bottom of the last page will
be like a summary / totals flowable.  ie.  if I have tabular data
which spans multiple pages, I would like this summary flowable to
always appear at the bottom of the last page.

Can anyone recommend how to go about doing this?  I was thinking maybe
I might have to use frames or write my own flowable.  Suggestions?

Also, any ideas on how to get the table to expand to this flowable? 
(so that it fills the table with empty rows until only enough space
exists for the final flowable which is pinned to the last page)  So on
the last page you may have a half empty table followed by the summary



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