[reportlab-users] Printing PDF from reportlab/python/WinXP

Thomas Blatter bebabo at swissonline.ch
Mon May 2 11:09:44 EDT 2005

Hi Scott,

   you can try to use the file associations:

   import win32api

   This should work as long as Acrobat reader is correctly installed. If 
u really need special options you'd have to fix the print for .pdf in 
the registry.

   Thomas Blatter

Scott Karlin schrieb:
> I can successfully generate a PDF from within a python application 
> running under Windows XP.  Printing the PDF now involves finding
> the file and then invoking acrobat.  Since this involves an extra
> step, I'd like to be able to either (1) print directly using
> reportlab, or (2) invoke acrobat (with some print option) from
> my application.  Does anyone have some suggestions as to how to
> go about this?

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