[reportlab-users] outputting simple multi-page tabular grid of data

Kevin Murphy murphy2 at speakeasy.net
Sun May 1 09:48:55 EDT 2005

Ralf Schoenian wrote:

> I have just written a report with repeating headlines, grid, and 
> adjusting of columns. I will send you the scripts on Monday from the 
> office.

Danke schoen, Ralf.  This will give me more control and allow me to 
automate the printing process.

In the meantime, I'm using HTML, which somebody suggested. It works 
quite well, actually.  The <thead> tag causes the header row or rows of 
the table to be repeated on every page, and a few simple CSS hints can 
be used to adjust column widths.  (In my output, all columns but the 
rightmost one are minimum width, and the rightmost one takes up as much 
space as possible).  The main problem is that CSS for print media isn't 
well supported, and I'd rather not have to manually interact with a 
browser in order to print.  I have to manually specify landscape in the 
browser, because the @page {size:landscape} directive doesn't seem to 
work in any browsers I've tried.  I would also prefer to directly 
control the pager header and footer.

For these reasons, I'm still very much interested in your ReportLab 

Kevin Murphy

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