[reportlab-users] Pathobjects bug

Christian Junker christianjunker at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 03:36:42 EST 2005

After I have called to start a pathobject by invoking the canvas
method .beginPath(), I can't just draw lines directly. If I do, when
opening the pdf file Acrobat says something about "missing operands in
path" (I have the german version of the free Acrobat Reader).
To fix this I use..
right after I have created the pathobj. Then it works.

I suggest that this should be fixed, because this call is senseless.
It is in my understanding that if I create a pathobject, it should be
positioned at the origin which is at the point where the canvas is
currently located on the page (canvas._x, canvas._y).

Best Regards
Christian Junker

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