[reportlab-users] Line width

andy at reportlab.com andy at reportlab.com
Fri Mar 11 10:21:32 EST 2005

> Zero width lines aren't actually zero they're the smallest possible 
width. I
> don't understand it either.

It's a very common requirement in CAD.  I once worked with
packaging industry CAD systems.  When a line means, say, the edge
of a board, it really should be 'zero sized', which is
defined as the smallest line the device can draw, and it stay this
way as you zoom in.  When it means e.g. an ink line drawn on a box
or a crimp with a width of 0.5mm,  it should have a real and well 
width which grows as you zoom in.

The 'zero size' thing is there in Postscript to enable this, and in 
some GUI
frameworks too.

- HTH, Andy

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