[reportlab-users] intermediate save's when multiple documents are put in a single pdf

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Thu Mar 10 18:14:49 EST 2005

> I have to print tons of invoices. Now i scanned a little bit the 
> reportlab sources and  my first impression was that it wouldn't 
> be too difficult to 'patch' (replace) the canvas.save() so one 
> could call it for each document and they are appended to a single pdf.

In one process, or separate ones?  If one process, why do you need
to call 'save' at all?  

> Main advantages for me would be:
> a) smaller memory footprint
> b) the document 'roundup' (e.g. page x of y) would be on the 
> actual document basis instead of the whole pdf.

Yes, (b) is a good reason for this.  A concept of 'multiple
documents in one file' would be quite useful if one could
safely do multi-pass platypus docs and concatenate them.

> Anyone ever tried to stream to the pdf file in this way?

No, but I'd love to see some code that did :-)  

- Andy

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