[reportlab-users] Minor bug in test suit test_platypus_pto.py

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Mar 10 08:02:31 EST 2005

Stuart, Robert wrote:
> Minor bug in test suit test_platypus_pto.py
> Line 49 reads:
> 	return Paragraph('<para color=%s>%s</para>' % (c,text),style)
> Should read:
> 	return Paragraph('<para color="%s">%s</para>' % (c,text),style)
> Note the double quotes on the color.
> Without the double quotes, the string "Color(0,0,0)" generates an error.  
> ?Presumably, a named color (e.g. Dark Green) would also generate an error?
> My apologies if this has been reported before.
> Robert Stuart
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Interesting. The back end parser is supposed to be sgml compliant so we 
shouldn't need the ".  I suppose something in Color(0,0,0) ends the attribute 
value prematurely.

This parser is on deathrow anyway so perhaps we have to bite the XML bullet :(
Robin Becker

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