[reportlab-users] Confirming my suspicions

Charlie Clark charlie at begeistert.org
Tue Mar 1 17:39:24 EST 2005


my last foray into PDFs was last year but was able to pick up my code and 
work through it quite quickly: Python be thank! I'd managed to avoid 
PageTemplates, et. al as I was working on single page documents. Can't 
avoid that now so I've spent some time going through the documentation. I 
was hoping I'd be able to get away with using SimpleDocTemplate but I'm 
beginning to think not. Is it possible to vary Frame dimensions between the 
first page and subsequent pages? The source seems to indicate this might be 
possible but I've tried setting the margins in onFirstPage() and 
onOtherPages() to no affect - which doesn't surprise me if they are called 

Grateful for any clarification before I climb the next step!

Charlie Clark
Helmholtzstr. 20
D- 40215
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