[reportlab-users] Howto work with 2 frames with different content

Amit amit.uttam at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 13:01:49 EDT 2005

Hi there,

I just had similar problems and it took me sometime to figure out the
entire thing. The documentation that comes with reportlab is not very
comprehensive, although it does provide you with a lot of examples.
Another tip of learning this will be to look at
http://developer.reportlab.com/examples.html , you can easily write
out python code from the RML examples. But anyways as for your I
problem I have the solution for you. First of all, I would like you to
understand that you will be using PLATYPUS instead of pdfgen.

def createPlatypusPage(pieChart1, pieChart2, table1):
	# PDF Properties
	Title = "ECS Report #1"
	Author = "ECS Information Systems"
	PageInfo = "Sample Report"

	# define frames - for frames in page
	frameHeader = Frame(x1=0*inch, y1=7.5*inch, width=11*inch, height=1*inch)
	frameChart1 = Frame(x1=0*inch, y1=2.5*inch, width=5.5*inch, height=5*inch)
	frameChart2 = Frame(x1=5.5*inch, y1=2.5*inch, width=5.5*inch, height=5*inch)
	frameTable1 = Frame(x1=0*inch, y1=0*inch, width=5.5*inch, height=2.5*inch)
	frameTable2 = Frame(x1=5.5*inch, y1=0*inch, width=5.5*inch, height=2.5*inch)

	# define pageTemplates - for page in document
	mainPage = PageTemplate(frames=[frameHeader, frameChart1, frameChart2,
								    frameTable1, frameTable2])

	# define BasicDocTemplate - for document
	doc = BaseDocTemplate('report_1.pdf', pagesize=landscape(letter),
						   pageTemplates=mainPage, leftMargin=72,
						   title=Title, author=Author, showBoundary=0)

	# styles
	styles = getSampleStyleSheet()
	styleH = styles['Heading1']

	# create a story
	story = []
	heading = Paragraph("This is a Heading for the Report", styleH)
	heading.hAlign = 'CENTER'
	pieChart1.hAlign = 'CENTER'
	pieChart2.hAlign = 'CENTER'

	story.append(FrameBreak())		# move to next frame
	story.append(pieChart1)			# note that frame order is based upon order
used in PageTemplate
	story.append(FrameBreak())		# move to next frame
	story.append(FrameBreak())		# move to next frame


This is quite straightforward and the comments, I hope, will be quite
helpful. Anyways if you have any questions please post again.


On 6/29/05, rl at bootsch.demon.nl <rl at bootsch.demon.nl> wrote:
> Hi All,
> After looking at the demo/examples, the docs and code I'm still missing something.
> I want pages with two frames, on the left a topic list, the right frame for the content.
> I would like to use BaseDocTemplate as base for my class but I can figure out how
> to do this.
> Another option seems to be to use the 'Frame.addFromList' method, but that will
> give me other problems.
> Any help would be much appreciated
> --
> Vriendelijke groet,
> Paul
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