[reportlab-users] number of pages

Bogdan Maryniuk bo at bitute.b4net.lt
Tue Jun 28 09:39:22 EDT 2005

On Tue, Jun 28, 2005 at 02:09:30PM +0100, Andy Robinson wrote:
> A similar technique lets you draw a table of contents on page 1
> if you can accept a maximum-fixed-size rectangle for your document.

How do you know *exact* width for that m-f-s rectangle then? 

Seems like it is only could be get approximately by eye. So for 111 pages 
or 99 or 128 I have obtain a width for "888", which is definitely wider than 1.
For pages 128, 200 it will look OK, for 45, 38 it will look semi-good, but for
1-9 really bad because of large whitespace. Moreover, to make m-f-s width 
option-less, I have to determine somehow that it enough to play with "888", 
not with "8888". Therefore no accurate alignment on rigt-/centered- text is 
seems to be possible even in multipass way, since you already left the *fixed* 
size rectangle. What the solution for accurate typography you would propose?

> Hope this helps, I will try to do a usable example today.

Would be nice get working code, solving the question above. Thanks.


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