[reportlab-users] VALIGN=TOP, LongTables containing new Para with superscript

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Jun 23 13:17:42 EDT 2005

Chad Miller wrote:
> Greetings, and apologies if this is a dup.
> I narrowed-down a simplest-case example for a bug I've seen in using Debian's version 1.19debian-0.2.  With VALIGN set to TOP or MIDDLE, text before a "super" tag will be pushed outside the table frame iff there is exactly one line in the paragraph in the table cell.
> Attached is the code (which writes a "./test.pdf" file) and its output.
> Please look over the my code for obvious mistakes, before I file a bug report.
> - chad
... I'm not sure this is a bug. We don't vary the height of lines with content 
ie lines are assumed to fit in the allotted space. If a single character is 
exceptional then we will have a problem. If using super the character goes too 
far up it may collide with something. The table packing algorithm is 
particularly simple so it just assumes all lines are what they say they are.

Top padding is available, but at present the paragraph class won't tell you how 
tall each line is.
Robin Becker

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