[reportlab-users] Generated PDFs missing fonts

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Sat Jun 11 07:48:29 EDT 2005

Robin Becker wrote:
> Matthew Somerville wrote:
> .....
> your assumption is correct. The intention is that the ttf fonts are 
> embedded in small (length 256) subsets. Each subset certainly references 
> the original TTF file, but I don't actually see that the fontfile is 
> being internalized.  I'm not the TTF expert so we need help from Marius 
> Gedminas who did the original work.
> Can you send an example of a problematic file. I don't know the 
> Transport and Rockwell fonts.
> It might be possible to force the whole file into the document if that's 
> required; I would need to check the PDF docs.
Looking at the ttfonts.py file a bit more closely, I see that the glyph 
data is certainly being included in the pdf output which seems to imply 
the fontfiles are not needed. Perhaps some other problem is being observed.

Robin Becker

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