[reportlab-users] Generated PDFs missing fonts

Matthew Somerville matthew at mysociety.org
Sat Jun 11 06:19:23 EDT 2005


We are using the reportlab PDF generation library on our 
soon-to-be-launched-officially website http://www.pledgebank.com/
in order to automatically generate flyers to help people publicise their 
pledges. http://www.pledgebank.com/bikeweek/flyers is an example page 
containing links to two PDFs generated with reportlab - an A4 poster and an 
A4 page containing 8 flyers to be cut out and handed out.

This is all going very nicely, thank you very much for creating this 
library. However, we are getting a few bug reports from users that the PDFs 
aren't displaying any of the text in one of the two fonts we use. We are 
using Transport and Rockwell TTF fonts, I have them both installed on my 
computer, and the PDFs display fine. I thought that the fonts would be 
embedded somehow in the generated PDF so you wouldn't need the fonts to 
display the PDF - is this incorrect?

The Python source to our PDF generation code can be seen here:
There's nothing fancy as far as I can tell, apart from my using of a trick 
from this list back in May 2004 to enable use of bold and italic in TTFs.

Any help would be appreciated; we can obviously switch back to using the 
internal PDF fonts, but would rather not.

Matthew, mySociety

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