[reportlab-users] examples about create pdf

Remy Pinsonnault remy_pinsonnault at roche.ca
Thu Jan 27 19:44:49 EST 2005

There is a basic example of how to generate pdfs from a web form at this
URL: http://www.percan.ca/Members/remy/ReportLabOracle.py

The complete documentation can be downloaded from Reportlab website at:



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hello:  they know I am developing a system of remunerations and I am in
estapa to generate information.  I want to use reportlab since I am using
python for the development of my system.  The question is, how facilmente I
can learn the basic functions to create a simple file pdf,  where I can find
some examples,  excuse my ingles I am Chilean, salu2!!!!
Milton Inostroza Aguilera
Ingenieria Civil en Computación e Informática
Universidad Arturo Prat
Iquique - Chile
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