[reportlab-users] Unicode use with reportlab

andy at reportlab.com andy at reportlab.com
Mon Jan 24 09:11:42 EST 2005

This is actually the main subject of "version 2.0", which will accept 
Unicode everywhere;
I hope less than 8 weeks away.

In version 1.x, it is your responsibility to encode input in the same 
encoding as
the fonts you select.  If you use the standard Type 1 fonts (Helvetica, 
Courier) you should encode you input in Latin-1; if using TrueType 
you can encode input in UTF8.  The Python codecs package can convert
for you in one line.

This is obviously a major problem for anyone mixing fonts within a
document, which is why it neds fixing; and the change will probably
disrupt things for a lot of people, which is why it will get a major
version number!

Best regards,

Andy Robinson

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Hi all.

I would like to know the proper way to use UTF-8 encoded Unicode 
strings with reportlab.

I'm trying with a very simple example of code snippet. It should print 
an a with an accent, insted it produces the 'usual' double word output.

Any suggestion?

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