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Fri Jan 21 10:03:15 EST 2005

I don't think we support this for substrings within a paragraph
(i.e. using the font tag).  It can be done for an entire paragraph
by setting the 'backcolor' or 'bgcolor' attributes on the paragraph
object itself or in the style.

How much trouble does this cause?  Conceptually it could be done,
as it's the same problem as underlining whereby we need to do a
graphic which matches the length of the text and splits in the
right places.


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I'm trying to set the background color for a text string. One
of the examples used an imbedded tag in the text to
change the fore ground color (<font color='red'>).  I looked
at page 67 of the User Guide, but couldn't figure it out.  Is
there a way to change the background color.  Thanks.

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