[reportlab-users] Re: Problem with spanned columns when a platypus

Jean-François Gosset jfg at netinfo.fr
Wed Jan 12 09:31:37 EST 2005

Thank's !

Message d'origine (11:21 12/01/2005 +0000) :
>Andre Reitz wrote:
>>Sorry, there was one little thing...
>>had to exchange y1<->ymin and y2<->ymax in _getFirstPossibleSplitRowPosition
>>Here the corrected patch...
>>Greetings, Andre'

>>>It works perfectly (tested with the little example I gave previously).
>>>Just a note : the patched tables.py don't work with the 1.20 reportlab version. We need the current SVN version.
>>>Thank's Andre for the patch and if it could be applied to the subversion tree, it would be nice.
>>>JF Gosset

>thanks and thanks again for the patch(es). I will check and all being well will apply to the svn tree.
>Robin Becker

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