[reportlab-users] splitting in table cells?

Henning von Bargen H.vonBargen at triestram-partner.de
Mon Jan 3 06:14:50 EST 2005


is it possible to allow splitting INSIDE a table row
if the single row is too high to fit on a single page
(or: if the calculated row height is > X)?

To be more precise:
If the table has header rows, take these into account.
If the header rows themselves don't fit, raising an exception is ok,
if header rows + first data row don't fit: split inside this data row.

One of my customers is printing tables in a productive environment
(using RL 1.19) where this is actually a problem.

for a simple example, think of a 2x2 table,
each column 5cm wide, each cell containing a paragraph 
("this is all nonsense." * 2000)

This will cause an exception in 1.19


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