[reportlab-users] drawImage produces blank page only

Michael Eager eager at eagercon.com
Fri Dec 30 02:39:18 EST 2005

Bernd Prager wrote:

> I scan a document and trim it. I don't know the size upfront and want to
> preserve the original size if possible.
> All I know is the resolution of 300dpi.
> The pixel size I can determine with Image.size.
> I tested the script with the assumptions points == pixels and it worked,
> but that might have been dumb luck. How do I do it correctly?
> How do I get the points from it?

72 Postscript points per inch
1 PostScript point = 0.01388 inches
300 dpi ==> each pixel == 0.00333 inch
4.1666 pixels/point

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