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Mon Dec 12 14:07:00 EST 2005

Andreas and Friends:
     Andreas, I think how portable this is makes an important distinction
between how much of qt we use.  Qt goes way beyond a gui toolkit. 
Also, I think for many wxpython has kind of become a defacto python
standard.  I am building little pyqt demo that will build a simple
reportlab report to show some features of qt.
     I was thinking of it as an inroad for others to get involved with
pyqt on this who have not worked with it.  However, I think it should
be more how one uses a gui toolkit to achieve X.
     This effects fairly early decisions.  For example, qt's svg
functionality is alledgedly kind of sluggish as it relies on qt's
dom.  However, it looks like the svg in qt4 is pretty snazzy and
seems like a cool choice for something like a display page
templates/frames etc.  Meanwhile, the core of the open source world
is moving towards this librsvg/cairo combination.  Or, many of you
have experience in this area and might have a third option.
     At any rate, as Andreas and others are interested in wxpython and are
ready to write with it, maybe we should try and coordinate the
functionality such that several toolkits can use it.  Therefore, we
would decide on the frontend to functionality like cairo,libsvg, or
expanding/adapting reportlab's own functionality keeping an eye on
say at least wxpython, pygtk and pyqt, and expand that list if anyone
want to contribute code in another toolkit.


> Hi Andy,
> Andy Robinson wrote:
>> I created a mailing list and have invited Rajeev, Will and Fernando.
>> Anyone else with a burning desire to be involved in very early
>> discussions about a ReportLab GUI may subscribe here...
>>    http://www.reportlab.co.uk/mailman/listinfo/rl_gui
> Ok, fine. I will subscribe now.
>> Otherwise, if you wait a couple of weeks, we will probably have
>> a getting-started PyQT application, project web page or wiki, SVN space,
>> and some more meaningful information about requirements and plans.
> For me, I wish to do the things around a getting-startet wxPython app.
> So we have one requirement: the should be serve to GUI frameworks (at
> this time).
> best regards
> Andreas
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