[reportlab-users] Re: ReportLab Visual Tools separate mailing list

Andreas Kaiser akaiser at vocote.de
Mon Dec 12 13:31:55 EST 2005

Hi Andy,

Andy Robinson wrote:
> I created a mailing list and have invited Rajeev, Will and Fernando.
> Anyone else with a burning desire to be involved in very early 
> discussions about a ReportLab GUI may subscribe here...
>    http://www.reportlab.co.uk/mailman/listinfo/rl_gui
Ok, fine. I will subscribe now.
> Otherwise, if you wait a couple of weeks, we will probably have
> a getting-started PyQT application, project web page or wiki, SVN space, 
> and some more meaningful information about requirements and plans.
For me, I wish to do the things around a getting-startet wxPython app. 
So we have one requirement: the should be serve to GUI frameworks (at 
this time).

best regards
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