[reportlab-users] RE: Visual editor: what are the objectives?

Oblozhko Alexey forgarb at mail.ru
Wed Dec 7 20:36:20 EST 2005

On Wednesday 07 December 2005 11:15, John J. Lee wrote:

> I'm sure you're right about the Qt installer itself, but last time I
> looked (a week or so ago), PyQt for Qt 4 wasn't done yet.  Phil posted a
> message on the mailing list that he expected to get almost all of the GUI
> stuff done by Christmas, though (with the exception of pyuic and a few
> other bits -- and he said he's unlikely to wrap the Qt 3
> backwards-compatibility classes in Qt).
use implementations, Luke :)
Qt4 has tools to convert .ui's from 3 version, all functionality could be done 
using inheriting. For ex.: i have catalog called forms in my project
	mainform.ui   - designed in Qt desinger
	mainform.py - compiled by pyuic
	mainform_impl.py - module that imports mainform whith all my code
If redesign  mainform.ui  all unchanged functions wuoldn't be broken, all 
comopnents will keep their functionality, but mainform_impl.py  become 
redesigned(with new look and components) The main porpose is keep names 
between model and implementation. It's hard to explain (using my awful 
english:) just try it. Also there is a way to load forms dynamicaly from 
ui's. IMHO Qt is one of best tools for Rapid Application Development.

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