[reportlab-users] RE: Visual editor: what are the objectives?

Fernando Lujan fernando.lujan at terra.com.br
Wed Dec 7 06:10:39 EST 2005

will at phototropia.org wrote:

> Friends:
>      Maybe we should get somewhere seperate than the reportlab list to
> discuss this from here.  I just looked over where pyqt is at since we
> wrote our pyqt app. in 2004.  However, my impressions/ideas here are
> not really reportlab specific issues.  I don't know if we need
> svn/wiki functionality Andy has offered yet, but a mailing list that
> anyone can join for discussion/coordination might be useful now.

Guys, let me know of the new mailing list. And please, point me to a 
PyQt tutorial. ;)

We can work in three fronts, I see only three major packages... A input 
file reader, a output engine and the GUI itself.

We could work together, one by one. ;)

Fernando Lujan

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