[reportlab-users] RE: Visual editor: what are the objectives?

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Tue Dec 6 17:59:46 EST 2005

will at phototropia.org wrote:
> Friends:
>      Cool!  We were going to use R for our graphing(with rpy as our python
> adapter and pygtk), but if we use reportlab for our graphing, I can
> justify putting hours in this now.
>      IMHO, it seems like this should be designed as a gui frontend to
> reportlab2.  Reportlab developers/users pick out a subset of features
> that the gui frontend supports for our beta release.  The debate
> about what to use from reportlab2 might help Andy and crew to
> galvanize/make features public.
>      I see that others are not as interested in the graphing capabilities
> or RL.  However, I need to make this applicable to what my budget
> demands I produce.  I will need to make a demo for my people anyway. 

Will and others, can I suggest you take a look at the manual for
our Diagra product?


and the datasheet on


This has a Tkinter GUI which is commercial code and about
five years old.  To be honest I would love to replace it with
something slicker, but it basically works well.  I will discuss with
my board whether (a) we could release source generally and (b)
we could let the community use it as is, but I can
definitely provide it to anyone who wants to actively work on
a replacement like Will.

The 'strongly commercial' part to this are the Data Aware charts
and the colour-separating EPS back end, which let publishers
create charts on a regular basis.  But the GUI is basically a
generic object-inspector-and-previewer.  Having something like
this makes charts very 'discoverable'.

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson

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