[reportlab-users] Page lables

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Tue Dec 6 08:55:23 EST 2005

> I render my own XML into PDF. From the XML I get a page-number and a 
> page ID (page lable in output PDF). In the output PDF document page 
> lables should be organized in the following way:
> <</Type/Catalog
> /Pages 2 0 R
> /PageLabels << /Nums [
> 0 <</S/D>>
> 1 <</P (-2-)>>
> 2 <</P (-3-)>>
> 3 <</P (-4-)>>
> ] >>
> How can I do it?

It needs a new feature.  If you are feeling brave (you must be if you
study raw PDF files) and want to submit a patch we would be delighted
to accept it or to help tidy it up;-)  This should be pretty easy, a new 
method in PDFdoc to make a dictionary/list structure and one on the 
canvas to give it a natural API.   Otherwise we will try to take a look 
but it might not be for 2-3 weeks and depends when we get a quiet hour.

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson

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