[Spam] [reportlab-users] RE: Visual editor: what are the objectives?

Fernando Lujan fernando.lujan at terra.com.br
Fri Dec 2 07:04:14 EST 2005

Henning von Bargen wrote:
  > Excuse me, but I still do not know about the goals of
> the visual editor. These should be defined first, IMHO.
> Do you want a visual designer just for prototyping the layout?
> Then perhaps the easiest solution is to use a converter from
> an existing graphic designer output format, like EPS.
> On the other hand, do you want a visual designer for developing
> (or: aid in developing) dynamic reports, i.e. database-driven?
> Then you have to decide if you want he designer just as a
> prototyping tool (which makes no sense, since you could use a
> static document as as prototype as well, and just use an EPS importer).
> ...
> ...

I totally agree with you Henning. But since the list stop to speak about 
it I decided to put some fire in it...

I propose a Dynamic Report Toll which one will produce  RL Python file 
as output. A import feature could be added later.

Maybe a function, receiving the dynamic content as parameters and 
producing a PDF file as a output solves this.

Later on, we could expand the tool's capabilities, accepting more 
formats generating more formats and so on.

It could be to Python what the Jasper Report is to Java.

This will exactly what I need.


Fernando Lujan

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