[reportlab-users] Experimental early serializing pdfdoc.py for reportlab

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Wed Apr 13 13:46:59 EDT 2005

Robin Becker wrote:
> Thomas Blatter wrote:
>> Memory footprint problem of the current implementation
> Should be a win win. I'll take a look real soon.

Well the simple reportlab/test/runAll does as expected, but in our rml2pdf 
product I got a failure generating the reference guide.

   File "c:\code\rlextra\rml2pdf\rml2pdf.py", line 4006, in go
     if done: doc.canv.save()
   File "c:\code\reportlab\pdfgen\canvas.py", line 850, in save
     self._doc.SaveToFile(self._filename, self)
   File "c:\code\reportlab\pdfbase\pdfdoc.py", line 275, in SaveToFile
   File "c:\code\reportlab\pdfbase\pdfdoc.py", line 406, in finalize
   File "c:\code\reportlab\pdfbase\pdfdoc.py", line 500, in Reference
     return object.Reference(self,name)
   File "c:\code\reportlab\pdfbase\pdfdoc.py", line 725, in Reference
   File "c:\code\reportlab\pdfbase\pdfdoc.py", line 627, in serializeObject
     sdict["content"] = self.obj.inline(document,inline_type=REFERABLE_INLINE_NOREF)
   File "c:\code\reportlab\pdfbase\pdfdoc.py", line 700, in inline
   File "c:\code\reportlab\pdfbase\pdfdoc.py", line 675, in _format
   File "c:\code\reportlab\pdfbase\pdfdoc.py", line 833, in clean
     del self.dict
AttributeError: PDFInfoL instance has no attribute 'dict'

I don't understand the error. The implication is that this object has already 
been cleaned (to get rid of its internal state & memory); to get more concrete I 
guess I would have to abstract the structure that's going wrong here and make it 
into a canvas based problem.

The same error occurs in every one of the rml2pdf tests so it must be related to 
some generic thing we're doing with the canvas here that doesn't happen with the 
standard canvas based testing. My brain is a bit fried so I'll leave it till the 
Robin Becker

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