[reportlab-users] Ammending PDF Titles

Andrew Mercer andrew at sundayta.com
Tue Apr 5 09:03:27 EDT 2005


Does reportlab have a facility that allows the alteration of the Title 
and Subject of a pdf?
The pdf may or may not already have a Title and Subject.

We have found a package that takes a pdf and both title and subject as 
separate parameters in a command line call.
The pdf then has its own title and subject ammended using these parameters.

However this same package is:

(i) truncating titles to 72 characters long (longer titles on other pdfs 
appear in multiple
lines ending with '\'. For some reason lines 2 to N are being ignored.


(ii) Creating the updated pdf in an encoded format that prevents us from 
reading it in a normal text editor.

We have no access to the code for this tool.

Can reportlab offer the same(or similar) functionality?
Finally it is important that the final pdf is readable in a text editor.

Thanks for your help.

Regards Andrew Mercer


Andrew Mercer, Sundayta Ltd. http://www.sundayta.com
iDocSys for Document Management.

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