[reportlab-users] can't draw more then one line on a canvas

Timothy Smith timothy at open-networks.net
Mon Apr 4 18:00:46 EDT 2005

oh man your right, thats why i see it as a little dot.
too much time working on the same thing.

andy at reportlab.com wrote:

> First of all, your second line is starting and finishing in the same 
> place.
>    c.line(6*cm, 12.7*cm, 6*cm, >12.7*cm)
> Secondly, I think canvas.lines(*) is supposed to accept a list of 
> coordinate tuples,
> not of line methods.  You've been doing too much functional 
> programming :-)
> Your call is saying this:
> c.lines(<call method line of canvas object>, <call method line of 
> canvas object>)
> It should be saying something like this:
> c.lines(
>    (6*cm, 14.7*cm, 10*cm, 14.7*cm),
>    (6*cm, 12.7*cm, 6*cm, 12.7*cm)
> )
> Hope this helps,
> Andy Robinson
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