AW: [reportlab-users] Usage of <pto> ?

Bernard Cagalj
Mon, 4 Oct 2004 18:03:03 +0200

Hallo Andy !

it was my fault, I am really sorry for the confusion I produced here ! I am
a real newbie in all this and I made my first steps and experienced my first

Yes I used trml2pdf from I read the definition of the <pto>
feature in your RML-User Guide ( ). As I thought trml2pdf
is the open source version of your product rml2pdf I thought it would
support this feature.

I thought the error I got was a issue of the reportlab lib. That's why I
posted this question here. So shame on me and not on the author of

For people interested in the solution:
The solution for my problem was simple. I just have to use <setNextTemplate
name="secondPage"/> anywhere on the first page and from the next pagebreak
he takes the other template.

My really last "off topic" question to the other users, not to reportlab
support (if allowed): does not seem to be very active !? Can other users confirm
that or tell me where to get help (forum, mailing list) about this product ?
I did not get any answer from the openreport mailing list and the release
dates on the website are also quite old.

Thank you for your help again and sorry for the inconvenience !


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Betreff: RE: [reportlab-users] Usage of <pto> ?

> Hallo !
> I was trying to do the following. I have a invoice form where i
> need to put
> the address and other stuff on the first page and the second page
> is empty.
> So I created two <pageTemplate> definitions.
> Now I automatically want to swtich to the second <pageTemplate>
> when I have
> a pagebreak.
> So I tried the following:

Bernard, I am slightly confused.   Are you using TRML2PDF

The PTO feature is REALLY new and we haven't released it in RML
yet, or even in a proper open Source ReportLab Toolkit release.
Obviously the maintainer of TRML2PDF is watching CVS like
a hawk and announcing our features before we do.  Apart from
my vague discomfort about this piggybacking on our work, it
creates enormous confusion from a support viewpoint. 	It does
not help that the author of that package has never contacted us
to discuss what he's doing.

We'll try to answer questions on this list about
(a) Platypus from anyone here
(b) RML2PDF (tm) from people who have bought it or are working
with us in a partner programme.

But we can't try to answer questions about,
unless the author of that package gets together with us to work
out some sensible policies.

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson

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