[reportlab-users] Report lab tables

Johan Paul Glutting reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 04 Oct 2004 08:50:41 +0200

Sorry, can't help you. I just started using reportlab about a week and a 
half ago, and I only know what I need to finish the job I am doing now. 
I am using images, but they are going into the headers, so I am using 
canvas to put them into the page templates ...

There seems to be an Image class in platypus - why don't you try using 
that the same way you would use a Paragraph? Just add it to the list of 
elements, and build it into the document.

I have had a lot of luck copying and modifying Aaron Watters' script in 
the /gadflypaper sub-directory of the /demos directory. He did some 
stuff that is a little odd, but it will get you started, and you can use 
it to build some nice documents - I am working on a script that 
generates dozens of reports from a postgres database, and I have to say, 
the documents look maaaahvelous...  ;-)



En/na Tim Smith ha escrit:

> yes i kow embaressing mistake there i found it myself a while ago. i 
> have another question now but, picures how do i load them? eg, jpg's?
> i was doign it just fine with the canvas object, how do i organise 
> them with platypus?

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