OT:RE: [reportlab-users] barcode extension

Aleksander Piotrowski aleksander.piotrowski at nic.com.pl
Wed Nov 24 18:14:36 EST 2004

bo at bitute.b4net.lt <bo at bitute.b4net.lt> wrote:

> iptables is better anyway. :-P Also: http://bulk.fefe.de/scalability/ though
> yes, there are older OpenBSD. Though I don't believe they made extremely
> something better. Though... who knows...

Does this test prove that Python/Reportlab works better on
Linux/whatever than on OpenBSD? BTW Felix seems to be a little bit

BTW OpenBSD is not `scalable by default'. It is some would say `secure by
default' and I would say `free by default'.

> As for me -- I want to hear that Zope, RL, Python etc works well.

RL and Python work well. At least no one complained about them. Yeah,
we've got problems with Zope but everything is just fine now.


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