[reportlab-users] setup.py problems with 1.20

Robin Becker reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sat Nov 13 10:12:29 EST 2004

Dennis Allison wrote:
> oops/
> Just went to upgrade to 1.20 and found that 
> 	python2.3 setup.py build
> dies reporting that 
>   	'RL_ACCEL' is not defined
> Is this a cockpit error or a script boffo?
the setup script needs 	RL_ACCEL = _find_rl_accel() at the beginning of 
the run function. That's because we moved the accelerator code into its 
own main branch of the SVN repository. But then since 1.20 is not 
official I guess there's a chance to fix before it is announced.
Robin Becker

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