[reportlab-users] barcode extension

Aleksander Piotrowski reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue Nov 2 12:23:52 EST 2004

bo@bitute.b4net.lt <bo@bitute.b4net.lt> wrote:

> Aleksander, this is very normal thing when you unzip ZIP files, which was
> zip'ed under M$ Windoze (zipinfo -z rlbarcode-0.9.2.zip <ENTER>). The same 
> thing is under Linux, FreeBSD and any other *nix.
> Recipe for your infrastructure: re-zip the file, using POSIX path and run
> dos2unix utility on each Python file.

Thanx for tips but I've already fixed this problem (I repackaged barcode
into gzipped tar archive).

I'm just curious if such file could be hosted on official ReportLab

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