[reportlab-users] Table computation

Ulrich Wisser reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Fri, 28 May 2004 14:50:43 +0200

Hi Derik,

I use platypus. I did define a frame on my page (about 80% of the page 
height). In that frame I can put 52 single line entries. The table is 
not to exceed the frame. I must truncate the table summarize the 
remaining amount and display the total. All that in the frame.
Should look like

car        5$
insurance  1$
gas        2$

other      7$
total     15$

I think you get the idea. All other entries from my expenses list would 
be summarzed as "other".


> What layer are you using? pdfgen or platypus?
> Are you talking about having the table span multiple pages or truncating it at 
> the end of one page?
> On May 28, 2004 04:31 am, Ulrich Wisser wrote:
>>I still have trouble with my table layout. I need to cut my table, so it
>>will only occupy one frame. I have a list of 100+ entries (description
>>with amount). I need to dispaly a part of this list that fits into the
>>frame. It should look like (list has n entries):
>>		description#1   amount#1
>>                 ...
>>    		description#m   amount#m
>>		remaining	sum(amount#m+1 ... amount#n)
>>		total           sum(amount#1   ... amount#n)
>>The problem is, description can be very long, in fact it maybe span 2 or
>>three lines. How can I compute the table height, so I do not insert too
>>many rows?
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