[reportlab-users] Using non-standard fonts on Mac OS X

Dinu Gherman reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 26 May 2004 22:26:05 +0200

Tim Jarman:

> Aha! fondu was the missing link! Thank you Mr Williams!

Erm..., ok, I'll take that as a compliment! ;-)

> Can you see Arial in FontBook? If so the cmd-R thing will reveal where 
> the
> font file is. If not, then you don't have it, which surprises me 
> because I
> thought it was a standard font on Macs. (I'm sure it always used to be 
> pre-OS
> X anyway.) Maybe installing M$ Office caused Arial to be installed on 
> my
> system?

FontBook is a Panther app only. I'm still mostly using Jaguar,
but that should change very soon...

> Any prospect of dfont support in future releases of ReportLab, BTW? To 
> my
> non-legal eye the licensing of fondu appears benign.

No way! Apart from technical difficulties in this special case,
ReportLab deliberately ignores the potential of Mac OS X, which
might change only if 1) Apple would make a tiny acquisition of a
little Wimbledon-based company or 2) if RL would suddenly be flood-
ed with customers running OS X only... I don't know which case is
more unlikly to happen... ;-)

If you're interested in more OS X apps using RL stuff at the bottom
look at my pages starting at the URL below. I've written some pri-
vate patches to RL which let you use *any* installed font on OS X
directly for generating graphics files using the RL Graphics API -
see especially the UnreleasedStuff page.



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