[reportlab-users] Emailing Corrupting reportlab PDFs follow up

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 26 May 2004 11:37:31 +0100

> > a. Using python 2.3 and reportlab 1.19, windows
> Now guess, which component is most likely to be blamed for that? ;-)

No, don't guess.  We need to be methodical.  Windows is
not so flaky that it will randomly mess up one PDF in
2000 for fun.

The first thing is to see if the files being generated are 
correct when saved locally. I would be surprised if there
is a bug, but it's possible.

Then they are being attached to Outlook emails using COM 
code; this may result in different MIME types to when one 
does it by hand.  This can be solved by hand-attaching one
and sending it, and seeing what message comes back.

Then the messages go through numerous mail transfer agents.
Any of these could potentially be doing the wrong thing
with line endings.  And so could the mail client at the end.

This could also be 'going wrong all the time' with Windows-to-
windows email attachments but silently corrected as both ends
have the same line-endings, and showing up because of a more
strict non-Windows mail client.

- Andy