[reportlab-users] Use of Image flowable results in AttributeError.

Robin Becker reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 22 Mar 2004 18:31:56 +0000

In article <200403221656.14765.dev-pdf@smartology.nl>, Remy C. Cool
<dev-pdf@smartology.nl> writes
>> In fact I think the problem is probably caused by people passing
>> unicode into places where we expect a string or something with a
>> 'read' attribute, I found one error related to passing in a file,
>> but I've now fixed that and am testing for various different image
>> scenarios.
>That looks to be the case.
>When I change:
>    Image(filename, width=width, height=height)
>    Image(str(filename), width=width, height=height)
>the PDF get's generated without any problems.
>Now if I only could get the picture to align LEFT.
..... there was a thread related to this earlier saying we hadn't put
the hAlign attribute into the manual. You can say
Robin Becker