[reportlab-users] renderPM problem

Robin Becker reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 17 Mar 2004 16:28:16 +0000

The missing T1 files error is caused by not having available the
standard font PFB files. You can get these from Adobe maybe.

In my Acrobat reader 5.0 resource/font dir I see these

AdobeFnt.lst  ZX______.PFB  _AI_____.PFB  _ei_____.pfb  com_____.pfb
PFM           ZY______.PFB  _A______.PFB  _er_____.pfb  coo_____.pfb
SY______.PFB  _ABI____.PFB  _eb_____.pfb  cob_____.pfb
ZD______.PFB  _AB_____.PFB  _ebi____.pfb  cobo____.pfb

The files used to be available separately at
ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/type/win/all/, but I can only see loose
.afm files there now.

The file

is a self expanding zip format exe file that contains some substitute
font files. If all else fails you can change the default mapping in
reportlab\pdfbase\_fontdata.py to use these euro fonts rather than the
originals. It seems the pfb/afm files are being phased out in favour of
.otf, but I cant seem to locate those on Adobe's site either.
Robin Becker