[reportlab-users] renderPM problem

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 15 Mar 2004 19:49:22 -0000

Line 538 of reportlab/graphics/renderPM.py
contains this:

def drawToFile(d,fn,fmt='GIF', dpi=72, bg=0xffffff, configPIL=None,
    '''create a pixmap and draw drawing, d to it then save as a file
    configPIL dict is passed to image save method'''
    c = drawToPMCanvas(d, dpi=dpi, bg=bg, configPIL=configPIL,

In older versions it might have moved a little, but should be bear the end.

Either you have a sriously unusual distribution from somewhere or
there is a misunderstanding about what you are trying to do.
Please post a snippet of code you are trying to execute
so we can understand.
Also, what reportlab version are you using?  If you are sure it
is not there in yours, email us the module!


Andy Robinson

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> Hi
> I really need my renderPM problem solved.
> I really need to show some reports in my application & the
> deadline is fast
> approaching.
> Both drawToFile,saveToFile methods are not present in the renderPM module.
> Somebody please help
> Thanks,
> Ketul
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