[reportlab-users] Combine DocTemplates into one PDF

Remy C. Cool reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sat, 13 Mar 2004 16:48:57 +0100


The solution I now use for creating customer mailings is rather 
elaborate and timeconsuming. At the time, a reportlab newbie, I just 
had to get a working version fast. It works, but that's all there is 
to say about it. 

What I want to do is to create a mailing containing one or more pages 
per client and store these into one single PDF file.

So I will need a sort of MailingTemplate class or function which holds 
the DocTemplate and generates the PDF using this DocTemplate per 

def MailingTemplate(clientList, myDocTemplate):
	for client in clientList:
		# retrieve client data from database
		# create flowables
		# use my DocTemplate to generate PDF data 
	# close PDF

What I think I need is a method signaling the end of myDocTemplate 
processing just before closing the PDF and then start a new  
processing instruction for the next client-id.  	

I've looked into the BaseDocTemplate methods, but I don't think they 
will offer a solution to this problem.

Any information is greatly appreciated.